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My topic is abortion. I find this a particularly good subject to talk about right now considering that they are trying to legalize it in Nicaragua at the actual time. To begin with I should explain what abortion is. Abortion is the interruption of a pregnancy, whether it is naturally or intentionally. Natural abortion is usually referred to as a miscarriage. Miscarriages can be caused by several ways, these are usually accidents. Some of the ways are either by antibodies attacking the baby, or by a woman having a severe accident, etc… Intentional abortion is an optional abortion that stops the baby from developing. Intentional abortion is illegal in many states, but it has also been made legal in some states. There are two main procedures for abortion:

1. The first method is to use salicylic acid to burn the fetus. This automatically kills the fetus and then it is removed by suction from the woman’s womb.

2. The second method is to dismember the fetus. This procedure is started by the head being cut off and then the rest of the limbs. These floating limbs are then suctioned out of the woman.

These are very crude processes. The women go through a lot of pain during abortion. Abortion is a very controversial subject. There is the moral aspect, which is whether abortion is right or wrong, should be legal or illegal. As you well know there are people pro-abortion and against abortion. The people against abortion say it is wrong and should be illegal. Their defense is that abortion is killing and that goes directly against the sixth commandment. Then there are the pro-abortion people, they say that abortion should be an option and a choice to women, therefore should be legal. Their defense is that a woman should be able to chose if she wants to change her life or not. As for me, I am not sure if I am pro or against. I think it is a very hard decision because it isn’t so black and white. Abortion is one of those subjects that every single case is different and in some cases it is right, others wrong. For example, if a woman is irresponsible and doesn’t take care of her

actions, then I think it is wrong for the baby to suffer. In that case, it would be wrong to have an abortion. But then there is always the other situation, for example, a woman has the possibility of dying if she has the baby. I think in that case abortion is not wrong and should be allowed. Well, I could sit here discussing and arguing for hours, but I won’t. All round, I think that abortion is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed (but there is always the exceptional case). That is my speech about abortion.