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Is abortion a choice or is it murder? Abortion is one of the most controversial subjects of this generation. A surgical procedure to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus and placents from the uterus is another way to describe this act. This procedure is usually preformed between six or twelve weeks into a pregnancy. However, some are done later into a pregnancy.

Should a fetus be considered a life while still inside the womb? Some people think that life begins at birth; but, life starts long before-life begins at conception. At eight weeks, the fetus is already very active. Using an ultrasonic stethoscope, the heart beat can be heard. At ten weeks, hands and feet are perfectly formed. The fetus swims around and can suck its’ thumb. At fourteen weeks, the fetus is six inches long and weighs about half a pound. Eyelashes and even fine hair is growing. The fetus can hear noises outside the womb. The mother can now feel the fetus moving around and kicking. The mother is now deciding if the fetus should be aborted.

Abortion is legal in this country until the day of birth. Many people do not realize this. If people were told, the would refuse ti believe this. Yet, the fact remains that a woman can legally about her baby at anytime during her pregnancy. The only thing that changes their mind is the mothod and the cost. Since abortion has been legalized, approximately 1,500,000 babies have been aborted each year. Abortion is called a “choice.” If this is true, women should know what they are choosing.

Women that are considering abortion should at least look at alternative methods. First of all, if the woman is not planning a pregnancy, birth control methods should be discussed with a doctor. Abortion is often considered a birth control. This is not only killing an unborn child, but could also be damaging to the woman receiving this procedure. Therefore, abortion should not be considered a birth contrl. There are several birth control options. Women, this day and age, can select a method that best fits their lifestyle. Another option other than abortion could be to have the baby and give the child up for adoption. There are plenty of people in this world that can not have children of their own. They would at least give the child a chance to live and grow up in this world. Why not give the child a chance?

Abortion is called a “choice.” What is really chosen is the killing of a human being. The methods differ, but the results are the same- a dead baby. Even abortion supporters will admit this. The result has been a curious avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone really knows, that human life begins at conception and is continuous until death. The real question is not about “choice,” but whether we have the right to kill over 4,000 human beings a day.