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Abortion, sin of all sins.

When many people hear the word abortion they think: murder, act against God,

sin, and the death of a small child. Abortion is murder it is killing an un-born child, they are

taking the life from this child who could be the next Frank Sinatra. Abortion is just snatching the

life of a child right out from under its little nose, if it was Gods will to take this baby back then

so be it but where in the good book does it say we can take these little lives? Most people have

abortions for one reason and that’s to get out of their own personal problems. They don’t think

they can take the responsibility for their actions. Personally I don’t believe in abortion, I know

that when I have a wife, no matter what happens I will never let her have an abortion. Hopefully

in this essay you will gather enough information on what abortion is and how it is practiced

“It is equally as heinous and intentionally, to kill a human being in existence at

fertilization as to kill a larger pre-born child” (Nellie Gray). In my eyes this statement is very

true. I think it is very horrible to kill an un-born child. It is so bad it is even counted as killing a

regular child in existence. Its not the baby’s fault you do not want him/her. If killing a child is a

crime, then why is killing an unborn child different? Should a mother be penalized for killing

her child? Yes, I think she should be punished.

Many mothers and fathers think that abortion might be the only window out, well,

its not. There are plenty other ways to deal with this child. For one you could put the baby up for

adoption. “There are millions of women and men in this world who can not have children”(Riki

Pincock). This is a very true statement made bye my ever so wise mother. There are millions of

people out there who want baby’s, for example, Ashley Gardners parents could not have any

more children due to her mothers tubes being tied, but because of the adoption program the

Gardners could be blessed with three young children, now if these young children’s mothers

would have chosen to have an abortion then well Ashley would not have three younger siblings.

There is also a little thing called, abstinence. “Abstinence is the bast way to go until you are fully

ready for the responsibility of being a parent” (Mrs. Dolce). This is probably the best thing you

could do, just wait. There are so many different alternatives, so then why do we still abort these

Abortion is different all around the world. In Canada it is fully legal to abort a

baby (abortion in Canada Website). While in America it is not fully legal but we have the

highest rates for abortion. South America has the lowest abortion rates around the world. Here is

an chart that displays abortion in south America

. Abortions in the 90’s Rate per 1000 women

Brazil, 1991 1,433,350 36.5

Chile, 1990 159,650 45.4

Colombia, 1989 288,400 33.7

Dom. Republic 82,000 43.7

Mexico, 1990 533,100 23.2

Peru, 1989 271,150 51.8

In conclusion I do not believe in abortion. Abortion is a sin. It is a murderous act

and it should be a crime. Hopefully someday the abortion laws will change and it will be

outlawed. Yes I understand there are a few different possibilities where abortion would be

considered ok, like when a women gets raped, if by a small chance she gets pregnant then ok I

can understand but why cant she just put the baby up for adoption? To give the baby a good life

then no life at all is much better. Thanks for listening to my report. I hope it helped clear some