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One of today’s most controversial topics is abortion. Although every person has there own opinion on the topic there is only two ways to look at it. The two ways to look at abortion are either pro-choice or pro-life. Abortion is a very common practice by many people. Abortions are so common that for every four babies born alive there is one baby who dies because of abortion. Even though abortion is legal by the government it should be made illegal because of the physical side effects on the women who go through with the procedure, the horrific ways the procedure is done and because it is really taking the life of a living human being.

Abortions usually have terrible side effects because of the way the abortion is done. One reason for these side effects is because how dangerous the procedure is. Many of the women who have abortions are never informed on the side effects that can occur because of having the abortion. One of these side effects is uterine bleeding. This bleeding can last for periods of up to a few weeks. Some African American women who carry out an abortion have a much greater chance of developing breast cancer. There have been reports that women who have carried out an abortion have actually died because of complications of the legal procedure. When 1900 women where asked, in a survey, if they had any psychological effects caused by their abortion a outstanding ninety four percent answer “yes.”

Abortion is a horrible procedure and the ways it is carried out are disgusting. One way that abortion is done is through a procedure that rips the limbs off of the baby and sucks out all of the blood and the body parts. This form of abortion is the most common for of abortion used today. Another form of abortion is one where a loop shaped knife is inserted into the cervix and the fetus is cut up into pieces and sucked out. One of the worst forms of abortion is called partial birth abortion. This abortion is when amniotic liquid is removed through the abdomen and concentrated salt is injected in. This salt burns away the fetus’s skin, killing it. After the skin has been eaten away the mother goes into labor and delivers the dead baby. When in labor the baby’s legs and arms are removed but the baby’s head is left inside. The doctors then pry open the babies head and suck out the brains of the child. These methods are very horrible and most definitely disgusting. Ar!

e these cruel ways of performing abortion considered murder?

The real controversy about abortion is whether or not it is considered murder. When is the fetus considered to be a human? Many courts have passes laws aimed toward the unborn baby. Most of the laws passed are to protect the baby. One of these laws is that abortion clinics must dispose of the fetus in a humane way, this means a burial or cremation. Another law states that if a mother that is pregnant takes illegal drugs to help assist in an abortion could be prosecuted. These laws show that the unborn child is considered a person and has certain rights. It seems like they are treated like any other human being except for when it comes to the fact of there own life.

Abortion is a horrible act and it is practiced all over the world. Most abortions are had by single women who are still too immature to make an important decision like abortion. A decision like abortion is not an easy one because you are deciding the fate of a life. Abortion must be made illegal and put to an end because of the incredible horrible side effects, the disgusting ways that it is performed and the fact that it is a decision that ends a life.