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Abortion should be Illegal because you are taking the life of an unborn child, you are also effecting the life of the women in the future, altering the hysterical effects on a women, and causing the women to have mental emotional effects that might stick with her to the end of her life. This is what abortion does; it destroy lives. Nobody have the right to take the life of a child. Activists always argue that it’s a women’s right to do what she wants to her body. Is it a women’s right to kill her unborn child in the name of abortion?

Where is the human right in Justifying that? Where has humanity gone when you decide to kill an unborn child? Don’t the child have any rights to live and enjoy his life? Abortion might effect the future life of a women regarding relationships. A study by Jones, Finer and Sings (2008) shows that “33% of all abortions by women aged between 20-24”, and 25% of them cannot conceive a child after the abortion. This changes a women’s life. Because of something irresponsible she did while she was young, many people will see this as a disadvantage.

She won’t be able to get married; therefore the inability to bear a child has many issues that would hurt her chances of having a relationship or children. Abortion has a lot of physical effects on women. Melba (1997) said that women who effect that Gary and Harrison (2006) believe is death. Also, the Women Exploited By Abortion organization showed that abortion leads to shock and comas. As Pupas (2011) also cited, abortion might cause abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. According to the “Hand book on abortion” by Wilkes (1979), abortion might lead to cervical cancer.

Those are a few reasons that abortion should be illegal. Abortion affects women mentally and emotionally more than it does physically. Several emotional effects that woman who had an abortion face, as Coulee, Reardon and Coleman (2005) discussed, are anxiety. Many women regret the choice of aborting their child. They tend to feel guilty about the decision for the rest of their lives as Pantone said in his study. Another study done by Friedman (1974) showed that of 500 aborted women, fifty percent expressed negative effects towards their decision.

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