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The beliefs and opinions of these people are generally delved Into two groups, those who call themselves pro-choice and those referring to themselves as pro-life. Pro-choice argues that abortion should be legalized without the Influence of government or religion. Pro-life believes that unborn babies are human from the moment of conception and, therefore, abortion Is Immoral and effectively killing Innocent human beings.

Although each side has valid points to argue, there Is the long-term Impact for the rights of the mother, the welfare of the hill and the impact on society to consider. These factors clearly argue that abortion should remain legal and be determined by the decision of the woman and the woman’s guardian. Those who call themselves ‘pro- life’ believe that, if a woman has an abortion, she is killing her child and, in turn. Committing an act of murder. They believe that no matter what stage of the pregnancy the child is in, it is still considered a human being.

By getting an abortion, the mother is extinguishing any chance for the child to make any contributions to society and she is taking away its right to life and its right to become someone. They also believe that abortion raises the chance of health and psychological problems in a woman such as infertility, breast cancer, and an increased chance of miscarriages in the future. Legalizing abortion allows women to take back control of their lives. Because of Roe vs.. Wade, abortion is legal and can be performed in the united States to a consenting adult or to a minor with parental approval. A Seep. 2005 survey in the peer-reviewed journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health kinswomen why they had an abortion found that 73% of participants said they could not afford to have a baby, and 38% claimed giving birth would interfere withered education and career goals. ” According to Stuart W. G. Derbyshire,PhD, a fetus cannot experience pain and therefore it will not suffer during the abortion. When women get abortions, the majority of the time it is because they are young and are unable to raise a child.

They have other responsibilities such as their education, a career, or maybe they are not In a financial situation where they can take care of a child. Abortion also allows a other to decide whether or not she should allow her child to be born If It has severe medical problems. Forty-nine percent of unborn children come Into the world unwanted. If a child Is born unwanted, the chance of It living a happy life Is lost. If a parent finds out that their child Is deformed or has a disease which may Impair It for life, they may decide that abortion Is the better option.

Sara, a woman who found out that her son would never be able totals, decided that she needed to get an abortion. Midway through her pregnancy, she found out that her son had Spins Babied, a formation meant that her son would never walk. Sara did not want her son to have to live his life watching everyone around him participating in sports and, even something as simple as walking, so she chose to get an abortion. About 208,000 people are victims of an act of sexual assault each year in the United States. When a woman is raped, she must carry the child of the man who attacked her.

This means that, if she is to give birth to this child, she will have to be reminded each and every day of the pain she has gone through. In Ireland,abortion is allowed in only the most extreme cases such as if a woman is raped,or if her pregnancy is going to put her in danger. In the United States, abortion is certainly taken advantage of, but it should not be abolished altogether. It should be regulated. A woman can have a certain amount of abortions, like a Subway punch card. Women should not be allowed to have an abortion in the second half of their pregnancy unless their pregnancy is putting the woman or the child in danger.

This will limit women from taking advantage of the system. No young woman should have to be punished for her hole life because of a mistake she has made when she was young. She should have a second chance. Eight hundred,thirty-one million dollars are spent on abortions every year and one in three windmill have an abortion before the age of 45. This shows how people have been taking advantage of this option and why it should be regulated. But, if abortion were made illegal, back alley abortions would be performed. These abortions are dangerous to women and result in 68,000 deaths per year in 33 countries where abortion is not legal.

In conclusion, abortion should main a legal choice and allow woman to have a second chance when the life of the expected mother is in danger, a poor or misguided choice was made, a repulsive act of violence or incest, or when the life of a newborn is destined to suffer every day of its life through disfigurement and/or severe and debilitating handicaps. Even though abortion has these positive attributes, it cannot be used by women as a form of birth control. If abortion is to remain legal, it should be regulated and controlled and be a means to enhance the life of the mother and be beneficial to society.