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Do you ever wonder what it would be like If you were never born? Life is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to experience It; but This Is an average of 5. 7 of 1000 women per year In developing countries. “If this situation persisted throughout a woman’s reproductive years, about one in five women would e admitted to hospital for treatment of complications from unsafe abortion at some point in their lives” (Sings 3). Therefore, abortion is not only killing the unborn but the women carrying the children. With all these negative effects of abortion, Catholics seem to be more “anti- abortion” for some specific reasons. Catholics believe that everything happens for a reason. Which means the unborn children were meant to live and deserved a life.

In the Ten Commandments, the sixth commandment states, ” Thou shall not kill”; meaning you must not kill. Commandments made thousands of years ago that are till believed today should be respected. Additionally, “there continues to be a sizeable gap between official church teachings about abortion, which appears to be 2). The church wants people to be aware of what Is happening In conception. Catholics believe in things that people may think are deranged; but killing a child, nobody should believe in that. The legalization of abortion in the United States led to well-known changes in reproductive behavior, and has had an effect on adoptions.

Variation across states in timing and extent of abortion legalization is used to identify the effects of changes in he legal status of abortion on adoption rates from 1961 to 1975″ (Gabon 1). Before legal abortion became available, giving up children for adoption was one of the few options open to women with unwanted or mistaken births. The number of adoptions went from 91,000 1957 to 175,000 in 1970, and then fell to 130,000 by 1975. This decline is coincided with the legalization of abortion. The estimated effect of abortion legalization on adoption rate is sizeable and can be said to be the blame for much of the decline in the adoptions.

Legal access to abortion would be expected to reduce he amount of unwanted children: The rate of adoptions of children born to white women declined by 34-37% in states that repealed restrictive abortion laws before Roe v. Wade. The effect was concentrated among adoptions by petitioners not related to the child. Legal reforms resulting in small increases access, such as in cases of rape and incest, were associated with 15-18% decline in adoptions of all children. (Gabon 1) Adoption has decreased due to the increasing amount of abortions, leaving children without families, and taking there precious lives instead.

Although the evidence in support to the banning of abortion is constraining, it is important to acknowledge the opposing statements. For many reasons and explanations, there are many that do not support this type of conception. An opposing view may be that women with an accidental pregnancy need an abortion. The women may not be prepared for the birth or raising the child; having an abortion may be the best option. If women suffered from rape and ended up getting pregnant, she may not want to carry around this child for nine months. This could cause horrid memories to bounce back and the abortions may help prevent this.

However, killing a child is still extremely wrong and is taking a precious life away. Adoption is still an option, having the women not have to raise the child, but giving the child the gift of life. Abortion also gives the women the option of doing what she wants to her body. If the pregnancy was a mistake or accident she has the option to not raise a child if she wasn’t prepared. Even though it does give the women the option of giving birth or not, what about the child? The child has no say at all. The women did this to there body so they should go through with it and give birth the child; not for them but for he unborn children.

Regardless of the opposing viewpoints, the banning of abortion cancels out any potential negatives. Abortion should be banned worldwide based on the negative impacts it has caused in society. Over the years, abortion rates have been increasing, leading to a decrease in births and the population of the world. Unsafe abortion is extremely common in the world and kills one in eight women that receive an abortion. In the Catholic religion the sixth commandment states “Thou shall not kill”, which includes abortion, and that is why most Catholics are against it. Adoption is always another option, letting the child live.