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When many people think of wars they think of soldiers going out and fighting In other counties for our freedom and peace, but really there Is an unnoticed American lives In the last 40 years. It strikes right at the core of humanity and our country which Is our families. This war Is not World War 2 or the War of 1812, or does not use guns or weapons, this Is the tragic war of abortion. Many wars that people talk about is fighting for peace among nations but, “peace abroad is meaningless without peace at home. ” Once a woman decides to get an abortion that destroys the nod between a mother and child.

And not only does that bother the mother and significant other but it also makes the extended family suffer also. Many believe that if you get an abortion early in the first trimester then it’s okay because the baby isn’t alive yet, but they are very wrong. The definition in any respectable medical textbook is to declare a beginning of life at any point after fusing of a woman’s egg and a man’s contribution is irrational and an exercise in sophistical chicanery, which means that life starts at the moment of conception.

The baby might only start as a cell but he importance is not the accident of size or weight, but the essence which is fully human. Once a baby is conceived it has the same amount of importance as a baby after it’s born. Not only is abortion wrong but it is also very fatal and unsafe. Abortion is a threat to the mother’s health and could cause internal bleeding, infection, or permanent inability to bear a child. The National Cancer Institute commissioned a study lead by DRP.

Janet Dialing, an abortion supporter, and her colleagues at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center which found a link between abortion and cancer: “among women who had been pregnant at least once, he risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than other women. ” The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer reports: “28 out of 37 worldwide studies have independently linked Induced abortion with breast cancer. Thirteen out of fifteen studies conducted on American woman report Increased risk.

Seventeen studies are statistically significant, sixteen of which found Increased risk. Most of the studies have been conducted by abortion supporters. ” It has been said that teenagers with no previous pregnancies that abort after the 8th eek Increase their probability for breast cancer by 80%. In the united States half of all pregnancies are unintended and four out of ten of these are terminated by abortions. There Is over 3,000 abortions per day which equals 22% of all pregnancies ending in abortion.

EUNICE states that 250,000 women die every year because of legal die of convulsions, and the other 100,000 die of blood poisoning cause by an infection of the uterus. Abortion killed 73 times more Americans than died in battle in our last 12 wars combined. To equal the average number of abortion deaths in one year, the errors attacks on the World Trade Center would have had to have been more than 400 times more lethal. Abortion worldwide kills more people every 2 months than the Holocaust did in 12 years.

The number of people killed by abortions since 1973 exceed the current populations of each of the 50 states, including California. Almost 1 out of every 4 Americans babies are aborted. This number is greater than the current populations of Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, and Denmark These are a few of the many statistics that show Just how serious and fatal abortions are. I am against abortions because it goes against God. Abortions are a grave offense against God and his creation.

The anti-abortion struggle has been a religious battle for years, but it is because the church’s teaching is clear and unequivocal, there is no excuse or exception for it. The Bible clearly refers to unborn children as very small or young children, which goes back to the cell have the same importance as a newborn baby. Also in the Bible God gives Moses the Ten Commandments and in these commandments states that thou shall not kill. If you have an abortion then you are murdering a small innocent unspoken baby.