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I believe abortion is wrong for many reasons. You hear everyone say it is your body you should be able to make your own decisions and I do agree to a point; however, you chose to have sex. You knew going into it that you could possibly get pregnant. Contraceptives are never 100%. Maybe if you cannot support a child maybe you shouldn’t be having sex?

It’s so wrong that our money goes to Planned Parenthood and things of this nature to also help fund abortions. Adoption Is always a good option for people who are not financially or emotionally ready for a child. A lot of families cannot consume a baby and would love to bring one Into this world. Lotus blows my mind how absolutely selfish people are! It Is taking the life of an Innocent human being.

Babies are alive at the moment of conception, they are a developing human being and Just because you had sex and weren’t thinking about the uniqueness doesn’t give you the right to take an Innocent life out of this world who could have done something great or could have gone to an amazing family that could provide for them. I am so sick and rued of people complaining about how they cannot afford birth control etc or a baby then maybe don’t have sex until you can? If you don’t have the money for something don’t do it.

Makes sense right? Abortion is a reverie thing and I feel sorry for others who feel that taking a human life is okay. It is absolutely disgusting and immoral and I’m ashamed it has been legalized to the point where you can get an abortion at any time. It’s disgusting; and for those who have a disabled baby and who cannot handle it; that’s Just pure discrimination as well. It’s so disgusting and I think everyone should think twice. I will never do it, and I could never live with myself after that. Babies are a gift