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To begin with, abortion Is a process to which creates either a miscarriage or a failure in a women pregnancy. Abortion is a topic which could be argued in many ways because many views are taken into account. Some people may believe it could be a good thing and it could be seen as a very pleasant way to get rid of a unborn baby before it becomes an actual child. By contrast, many religions are against abortion, which Is later Interpreted In this essay.

This Issue takes account of many beliefs and different peoples understanding on the topic. Due to an unbelief In an Issue such as abortion It could lead some people to believe different to those people who have a belief in religion or themselves. From a religious point of view, abortion would always be visualized as being wrong, as wrong as murdering someone. They do, simply believe it is killing a child, which is what abortion Is about. For example, Hindus believe that abortion may be necessary if It Involves saving the mothers life.

It Is the mothers and fathers choice to decide upon it – the people who are involved and have a connection should have every right to decide upon the future decision. They also believe the least harmful decision would be taken account of – which would be avoiding the idea of abortion. A classical Hindu is strongly against the idea of abortion which is expected. Furthermore, a Roman Catholic’s belief on abortion Is that causing that abortion Is morally wrong because they believe in the natural law – that being god law being above every other law.

Everything should happen as god wishes. The church believes that life begins once the women’s egg is fertilized by the males sperm, from that moment a new unique life has joined the world. They argue it may not be a full human being, instead it’s a human being with potential. In addition to the religious argument opposing against abortion, Pope, John argued “l declare that direct abortion, that Is, abortion willed as an end or as a means, always constitutes a grave morally wrong decision, abortion would always lead to this view, which the pope explained.

An alternative way of viewing abortion is seeing it as a way of getting rid of something unwanted because It has connections with the father. In cases such as rape, abortion could be argued In both ways. Many people may argue that being pregnant by rape is unacceptable and disgusting because the baby is connected with hat rapist. Abortion in this case would be seen as way to remove all the connections and harsh memories of that rape. It could be argued that even if abortion is avoided it would continue to bring back bad memories, which would destroy the women’s future.

If the women was simply being selfish she may take the abortion route, but that would be debated from a deferent perspective, this would be argued from being. The past could be ignored and controlled mentally. The future of the baby shouldn’t be ruined because of the past. Furthermore, many people are against abortion because they believe that there are any other solutions to things. Adoption for example. If the unborn baby isn’t wanted then why ruin someone else’s chances of having a chance? Some people cannot have a child and if they could have a child they would.

Instead of aborting that unborn child a better decision would be adoption, simply because it could later remind the mother or parents the significance of a life. As to define adoption, it’s to legally raise somebody else’s child with the parents consent – something like adoption isn’t closely looked at because it seems simple. However people don’t realism the change adoption would bring into someone’s life. Adoption would make a difference. Abortion affects everybody around, it affects religious people, specific genders and age groups.

One death would involve the whole society. Seeing the rise on graphs on the issue of rape leaves other countries to think that the specific country that has that rise hasn’t got the best controlling government. They’ll feel that the country is going wrong in creating the correct principles. In other words, if abortion was to be legalized in a country where it is not legal then other countries would think that the government is not doing it’s proper Job in keeping every human being safe. In my opinion, abortion shouldn’t be allowed.

As a religious person, I believe killing somebody is wrong, it doesn’t matter the size of the thing you are killing. It’s like murdering somebody, some would be too afraid to murder a grown human being so why murder someone who you can’t fully see, why decide their life? I believe adoption should be a solution to a unwanted baby. However the idea of not wanting a baby shouldn’t even come into somebody mind because it’s god choice. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. If that baby is here, by god choice then it should remain in this world and not to be removed.