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This article is written in response to recent anti- abortion movements in Arizona. The UCLA sued to the a measure that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Moraine reminds us that in California abortion is till an issue. 3. A: this article is directed towards women who want to abort and towards physicians who perform the abortions.

It mainly is directed towards the government eying that extreme steps taken outside the California borders will have an impact here. 4. P: The purpose it so show that big decisions made by Arizona would easily affect California. The writer expects most of the citizens to be in favor of abortion. The purpose is revealed using people and laws as evidence. 5. S: The general topic is Arizona impact on California abortion laws and voters. Moraine doesn’t directly state the subject but it is implied by the title of the article. 6. TONE: the article has a positive tone. It talks about all the good abortion laws here In California.

Even though there are flaws in the abortion laws Moraine says, “California protects the right of privacy for everyone… That’s how It ought to be. ” Rhetorical Prep’s In Moraine’s article, Abortion could ripple Into California, Moraine argues that abortion could ripple into California. He develops his claim by first saying that Arizona tried to pass a law to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Then he says that Arizona continually challenges the Roe v. Wade. Moraine establishes a positive tone to the women and physicians performing the procedures. This work Is significant because It shows that extreme decisions made by Arizona could affect California.