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Would you have an abortion Just because your child was going to be born with Down syndrome? Patricia Bauer didn’t; she raised her daughter with Down syndrome because she felt that Is was the right thing to do. Down syndrome children should be treated Like the equals they are, not Like some sort of alien. In the very beginning of Barber’s article she Is simply explaining the abortion rate these days, and how It Is mostly children with down syndrome that get their life terminated.

She is able to write this article because she knows what it is like to birth ND mother a child with Down syndrome. While reading the article she made sure to allow the audience to think tat is could happen to them too, and they could find themselves asking whether they wanted to go through a life with a child that has Down syndrome; or would they rather Just abort is so they don’t have to go through what some people would call humility and down sides to having a child with down syndrome. This article applies to pretty much anyone who Is of age to give birth to a child.

Though the author has sort of a harsh attitude toward the subject, I can very well understand why. It helps her get her point across and still keep the audiences attention. She tries to gain sympathy when she starts to explain the Incident at the dinner table; a guest was answering a question asked by another guest and he said that he believes it is a moral obligation to terminate the pregnancy to avoid bringing forth a child with disability’s. He claims that it is better for the child, so he or she did not have to suffer.

But in society these days if you think about it, down syndrome children have there own things, things made Just for them, so they can have a life like every other person. Bauer claims that the rate of people who would not abort their child Just because it has Down syndrome is 20%. It’s almost like no one thinks before making the action of taking someone else’s life. She is very well mannered and not Judgmental as you can tell from the earlier Incident at the dinner table. So with this being said, would It change your view of having a Down syndrome child?

I think they should have all the same rights as “normal” children and be born, not aborted. Bauer wrote this article to make acknowledge people of what others are doing just because their child might be born with Down syndrome. She wants the people that know they are going to have a Down syndrome child that they are not alone, she is trying to be sure that she is heard by society, so they know what is going on (The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have 1). “The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have. ” 9/19/13. HTTPS://campus. Blind. Deed/section/default. Asp?