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Abortion has been an ongoing controversial topic of many discussions. Women that go through with abortion tend to take for granted the life that a fetus could have lived. A woman should not have the right to choose abortion and take away an innocent life. One argument over whether or not abortion is morally wrong, lies within whether or not a mother Is capable of taking care of the child. This argument specifically should be thrown out the window. One can make the selfless act and give the child a home in which they cannot provide, and a better life: adoption.

When one adopts, they transfer all rights and responsibilities to the new parents. Couples who cannot reproduce properly rely on adoptions in order to be able to care for a child. These couples will have to pass background checks, and are made sure that they are suitable to care for the child. There are countless options when giving up your child for adoption. Those who have gone through with adoption know the emotional stress and discomfort it can cause, but as well the triumph in knowing that they gave their son and or daughter a better life in which they could not provide. Another option is empowers foster care.

This takes place when the mother wants to care for their child, but are not physically or emotionally able to during that time. The government will place the child into a foster home with a loving family who can support the child financially and will take care of him or her as their own until the mother is able to on her own This option Is one to be considered If a mother is struggling with supporting the child but is not willing to give their child up for adoption. A mother can also place the child with friends and or family as temporary guardian ship which has the same effect of temporary foster care.

One of the strongest arguments against Pro-Life is that they are not murdering the fetus due to its inability to have a chance to live. That they are unborn. But who Is anyone to Justify when Is one no longer considered unborn? Is there truly a difference between being Inside the mother’s womb, to outside of It? It does not change that it Is a growing child, or a child In general. So when is one born? One might be born the moment that they begin to grow inside of a mother’s womb, or the moment one comes out of a mother’s womb. One could be unconsidered born when they form their first memory.

Even then, we still rely on others for help for we are still too young to be on our own. One might not be born until they flee the nest and enter the world as an adult. Is the unborn Just another word for simply stating just one human being with the Inability to properly defend themselves, and their life? If this is true, then what is stopping anyone from having the justification of saying that this theory also works for other human beings? They are all equally apart of the human family, and killing either form of a human – a fetus, to an independent adult – would be morally wrong.

One of the most restrictive bans on Abortion lies at 12 weeks of pregnancy, when a fetal heartbeat can typically be detected by abdominal ultrasound. After that 12 weeks, a mother Is no longer weeks in time. At 12 weeks into ones pregnancy, one will find a simple action: reflexes. The baby’s fingers will being to open and close, it’s toes will curl, and it’s eye muscles will clench which have now been moved to the front of its head, and it’s mouth will being to make sucking movements. The child’s intestines are present, and it will start to squirm inside of the mother’s womb. The baby’s brain is present, and cells are forming rapidly.

Hour pregnancy.. “) “In order to terminate a pregnancy, you have to still a heartbeat, switch Off developing brain … Break some bones and rupture some organs. ” (Hitchers) Pro-Life talks about equality of human rights, and defending the innocent. Pro-Choice does the same, but makes the innocent into the person carrying the child. A mother should not have the right to claim innocence when they were fully aware of the consequences when they took the actions needed in order to reproduce. Asking to not be punished for their actions should be unconsidered a selfish act, and wanton individualism.

Americans have fought over protecting the weak, and giving a voice to those who cannot be heard. Who is more vulnerable than the child? Who needs a voice more than the mute baby that lays within the mother’s womb? (Has) The argument of abortion has its strong points, along with its weak. Due the baby’s inability to defend themselves, it is no longer mother’s right to decide on whether or not it gets to live. The only right the mother should have is whether or not they are capable of supporting their child, or if they would now consider adoption.