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How can the principles of ethics (identify such principles specifically) assist in finding a middle ground on abortion? What is impact of legislation on finding such common ground? Even thousands of years passed, there are so many arguments out there about abortion until now. Some thinks that abortion Is always morally and ethically wrong. Some thinks that abortion Is right when mother of life Is at risk. Although people has different beliefs and opinions, the mall purpose of abortion Is to voluntarily terminate the pregnancy. Otherwise, it can be describe the act of killing people.

According to the textbook, “the intentional taking of human life is presumed to be immoral” (Morrison & Furlong, 2014). It is the unethical murder to unborn baby. People have a responsibility to take the consequences of risks in which she willingly and voluntarily takes place. Moreover, women should not abort the innocent unborn baby for her own convenience. However, we also need to consider from the opposite view. Is it ethically wrong to act abortion when the life of mother is in danger? I think it is time to figure out the way to reduce the abortion. Why do you think there Is an Interest In human cloning?

Does science have ethical obligation to present the public with both the benefits and burdens of cloning research? Nowadays is about the issue of human cloning. Do we get the benefits from the human cloning? According the anonymous (2013), it mentions “the advantages of cloning are also quite apparent: human cloning could very well lead to faster medical cures, a better overall quality of life, and even longer life spans”. Moreover, the goal of research cloning is to create stem cell lines and these lines will e used to study specific diseases (Morrison & Furlong, 2014).

I also like to mention about the ethics and moral over the applications of cloning technology. As the human cloning gives benefits to the society, people can be affected by the human cloning. The anonymous states that there is a possibility of faster aging, a reduced sense of individuality, and a reduction of overall value of human life (Anonymous, 2013). Therefore, science have ethical and moral obligation to present the public with both the benefits and burdens of cloning research. Morrison, E. E. , Furlong, B. 2014). Health Care Ethics: Critical Issues for the 21st Century.