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Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby inside the womb of his mother, and this is done directly by the abortionists, and the acceptance.

Sometimes mothers and fathers by pressing or ignoring or not knowing. This disaster did not know the hidden only by the owners of the relationship and some doctors who participate indirectly through referral for abortion, and the abortionists.

Types of Abortion

– induced abortion:

-abortion partial birth: This type of abortion are among the viscera and the door of the uterus, and that the withdrawal of the child to the birth canal and kill him before he was born … (is also known as “abortion, the criminal,” and is a result of the pregnant woman herself without compelling reasons, but voluntarily to the circumstances and ideas in particular, This is the most serious images to a crime Abraham Sharia and punishable by law)

-Chemical Abortion: This is accomplished through chemical or prevent the crash challenge on the child in the house of the uterus, (like the grain of abortion).

– Abortion Non-approved:

– Warner abortion: is the vaginal bleeding from the uterus, the cervix is closed and the embryo proper, and the treatment is comfortable, and took some painkillers under the supervision of a physician, and the work of sound waves to make sure the health of the fetus.

-Inevitable abortion: (bleeding and cervical room) where the neck is room, and a large part separate, and increase uterine contractions, with the survival of some of the contents of the uterus, and treatment is the intervention of the doctor to complete the abortion to save the pregnant woman.

– the causes of abortion?
There are many causes of abortion, between compelling and extraordinary and optional:

A – forced reasons:

– On the health of the fetus: as the existence or lack of a birth defect in the fetus, making it difficult to continue his life, or become distorted if it is born and grown up.

– On the health of the mother: such as birth defects uterus Katina the womb of the pregnant to the back, or suffering from certain diseases Kalahari, kidney disease, and diabetes, and dietary diseases, and alcohol poisoning, chronic and reproductive tract infections, and lack of secretions of endocrine glands of the Interior, and the use of drugs harmful, exposure to radiation.

-Alana psychological and neurological trauma: Kahn, fear, anger, or was a carrier of physical damage, Kelli firmly on the ground, or carrying heavy objects, or strenuous travel long distances, or do a hard effort. So should every mother should be careful – especially in the second and third months – on pregnancy

optional reasons:

The courage to abort the fetus on the pregnant woman voluntarily to special circumstances, for example:
– In case of making love out of wedlock. (This is known as adultery)
– The girl was raped.
– House of prostitution and girls who sell their bodies.
– Birth control.
– Knowledge previously that the child will be a presentation of disability …. The parents refused to bring him up.
– Do not pay for the new baby by the parents.
– Old ideas and habits that have imposed the first-born male.
– Rejection of the father or the mother’s reproductive and psychological reasons for this.

– abortion in some countries:

United States: the right of abortion from women’s rights, a personal relation to her life.

Brazil: deputies are looking in the framework of a parliamentary committee is currently a proposed law provides for allowing abortion until the twelfth week of pregnancy.
Amnesty International said that women who have been raped have the right to abortion.

Mexico: Mexico City legalized abortion right, and the voice of the members of the Legislature of Mexico City by 46 against 19 votes to pass a bill adopted by the leftists give women the right to abortion in the first three months of pregnancy.

Cuba and Puerto Rico and Gianna (countries located in Latin America) are in favor of abortion and believe that a woman’s body is her property, and have the sole right to dispose of it.

Supporters of abortion talk about the great benefits of the legalization of abortion, including the reduction of population growth, and assistance for family planning, and treatment of some special cases, as cases of pregnancy resulting from illicit sexual relations. The freedom of the will of the child is linked to a parent decides not to kill him or kill him.

Nicaragua agreed to the executive and the legislature to prevent the abortion.

Arab States: prevent abortion and according to Islamic law

Opponents of abortion, for their part, they see a murder, scientific studies have proven that the fetus feels including fall ill, since the fourth month of pregnancy, at least, some doctors have been able to portray Western films give viewers a live fetus is suffering from any interference with a sharp object affects the body.

Which proves that the fetus feels just as perfect man, which proves that abortion is murder, in every sense of the word. Add other reasons to justify their refusal to legitimize the principle of abortion, including abortion that encourages selfishness and irresponsibility in the community, and helps the spread of illicit sexual relations.

Abortion when the three monotheistic religions

A – When Islam

Islam put many controls on abortion in order to achieve the best for the mother and the family and society, including:

Legalization of abortion to save the life of the mother, subject to availability of necessary elements of legitimacy, if necessary, list the reasons for not unexpected, that is, concerns based on evidence and reality, and scientific evidence, not based on illusion or guess, and be based on the opinion of a physician confidence.

Also be the corrupting effects of non-abortion the greatest risk from the corrupting effects of abortion, the rule of fundamentalist states to work lightest of two evils, and other such things, it was considered Islam abortion by the intervention of carrier or other crime, so it was forbidden because of abortion in this case is :

Unlawfully killed the same, and this is a major sin, which were forbidden by the Koran, he says: whosoever killeth a human being for other than man slaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if be had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had: saved the life of all mankind. [Al-Mâ’idah: 32]
– Daring against the will of the Creator – the Almighty – The Almighty said: {Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not [Baqarah: 216].

Encourage girls and boys to immorality, corruption, and in the dissemination of vice and spend the virtues of morality, the result is the collapse of society.
Believes that the owners of civilization and civil and arrived at the corruption and degradation, because they ignored the spirit and values, and made the body and the desires hum the first and last.
– As well as in taking such a crime, the sin of the doctor who attended; because in his assault on the limits of God, that ordered Bernhard and defend it.

B – When Judaism:

Granted by Judaism in the first three months of pregnancy and deprive him after that.

C-When Christianity:

Pope John Paul II in a letter “The Gospel of Life”: “the authority given by me to Christ and his successors, and the company with the bishops who Criminalize abortion is once they are distributed all over the world, and expressed their unanimous consent to this, he declared that abortion is the direct [IE, optional] envisaged or very means, is a bug too literary, were killed in deliberate human being is innocent. This doctrine is based on natural law and the written Word of God, and has inherited through tradition and learned canon regular ecclesiastical authority and the university. ”

He stressed Pope Benedict XVI’s decision rights activists opposed to abortion, when it issued guidance Apostolic resulted in a consensus conference of bishops and reaffirmed the Church’s position on the anti-abortion, calling lawyers Catholics around the world to “the introduction of laws inspired by values of human nature and support.”

Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith: “There must be respect for human life and maintenance on the face of absolute since the time of the rope. Must be recognition of the human being, since the first moment of his life, the rights of Alecks including the right to life which can not be overridden, and the return for each object is innocent.”

– “Before I knew you photograph you in the abdomen, and before they get out of the uterus Docent, and made you a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1: 5)
The Second Vatican Council: “God is master of life and death had been entrusted to humans on a mission to preserve life, a task that honest worth Rights to be paid by standing it deserves. Life since its existence rope, must be preserved carefully. Abortion and pesticide are crimes Pinkerton” .

– The Church calls for the perpetrators of this sin is always to repentance and compensation and to prevent it, and the solution of this sin is the bishop and not to the priest.

– Church prohibits abortion is strictly prohibited, but in the case of the formation of the child a danger to the life of the mother, at the stage of the rope or childbirth, as it may lead to her death, she invites doctors to work to save a combination of both (child and mother), but if you do not need to die a It did not return there is hope in Neath together, they are left to choose between her mother and the child’s life.

If the mother is in full consciousness, and not under the influence of the drug, but if under the influence of anesthetic choice is up to the father. If the choice of the child’s death is not considered a sin or a crime. In this case only. (For example: St. Jean Moll Arcata)

Including teaching of the Church says it is to be treated the fetus as a person since the cord, it must be the defense of physical safety, and welfare and recovery as much as possible, like any other human being.

Of the examination may be morally before the birth, if I respect the life of the human fetus and the natural perfection, and if it aims to protect the individual or his recovery. But we must not be equivalent to the examination the sentence of death, then to be inconsistent with the face of serious moral law.
Book Alisa: (Choctaw education and an old-century Church of the second or third century) it is required that the Christian believer is “Do not kill the embryo abortion, nor destroy a newborn.”

The question now is: which of you knows what beside the point of life for new born and what holds good for the community?
The story of Father Pico and the woman who aborted her child intentionally.
– Imagine if the inventor or electricity may be aborted his mother, or mothers of one of the saints …