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Abortion has gotten more complicated these days. Earlier this year, states such as Virginia and Texas, among others, have come up with this pre-abortion ultrasound bill. Basically, this bill demands those who wish to undergo abortion must go through an ultrasound first.

This bill caused a lot of hostile reactions from different opinion makers in the state. Some believe this is an outrage. Some even protested that the bill is considered rape, due to the fact that the woman body will be forcibly penetrated whether she likes it or not.

With new laws such as this one. Is it possible to find abortion made totally illegal in the United States in the near future? Yes. It is possible. The pre-abortion ultrasound bill does not ban abortion, but it just might lead into that. What would happen if abortion is entirely made illegal in America? What other options do women undergoing unwanted pregnancy have?

Of course, there is adoption. Well, impatient women would have hated that. What is so hard with adoption as an option anyway? well, first of all, women have to wait for at least 9 months. It is mentioned earlier that some women would find that an inconvenience. What’s more? Paperwork. Another inconvenience.

Why can’t abortion be left as an option for women undergoing unwanted pregnancy? It’s not like women who chose abortion in, say Virginia, are being forced to make that decision. It’s not like abortion is being peddled in every house’s door. It just sits there as a very viable option not only for unwanted teenage pregnancies, but for effective family planning as well.

As we all know, abortion is a choice. And isn’t it the right of every human being to choose what he or she thinks will work best for him or her? Okay, let’s talk about it, shall we? Choice-a basic human right.

How can one choose well if there aren’t enough choices to begin with? I am not saying that I am for abortion, but I am not saying that I’m against it either. I mean, we should leave these people enough options, right? Options, choices, possibilities-call it whatever you want. But we all deserve that thing, man. Everybody deserves to be given every possible option that can make her or his life easier.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we can all give a little respect. Respect these people enough to give them the choices that they deserve. We can all give and use a little respect, right? Even though you are a conservative in Virginia, and even though you are against abortion, can choose not to deny these women their right to choose, right? Abortion is just there. The concept has been introduced. And whether we like it or not, it will stay.

It will stay because it has penetrated society, no matter how small a percentage it may be. And I’m afraid it will continue. It will continue even if it will be made illegal. It can go underground for all we know.