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Do you want an abortion… Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Yea, just go and get an abortion. There’s no attachment, right? Look, I know everyone has been given free choice by God, but when contemplating an abortion take some time to think about it, and if it’s right for you.

I want to tell you a little story about myself and a Shrine that I would frequent. I got used to going there and was told that Mary and Jesus walked the grounds. Yes, I kid you not. That’s the story going around. But, anyways, to get to my story. I got to go there and befriend the caretakers at the Shrine. I got to hear about and see some of the miracles that would happen there. This particular Shrine was set up so that unwed mothers could go there for refuge, and help so that they wouldn’t have to have an abortion if they didn’t want to.

So, after visiting many times, I wanted to be constantly reminded of the Shrine and the wonderful works that they did there so I made a little trip up north on the highway and stopped in at a well-known trade center. I did happen to see cases full of dolls that when picked up felt like a real baby (it was heavy like a real baby), and I mean it even looked like a little infant child. I picked this particular doll out because it reminded me of my son. Blonde hair and what a beautiful little doll, and again it looked like and felt real. So, I told the lady that was selling the doll that if it was still there I would purchase it when I had a little more money. She said fine, but there’s only 2 left and there were around 2,000 starting out. (they were limited dolls). So, anyway, I said okay, and I went back with my son in about 4 weeks. At first when we returned to the trade center, I was afraid to go and see if the doll was still there, because I really wanted it, I had a burning desire to get it (didn’t know why at the time though). But, the doll was there and I purchased it. When I picked out the doll it had a white outfit on it, and I didn’t realize at first that its name was “Angel Love” and it had a little white bible with it too. I believe the doll was made by a doll maker called Lee Middleton, but don’t quote me on who made the doll because it’s been many years ago. But, that is what I remember.

So, I brought the doll home and kept it in the box. I wanted to put it on my bed so I could look at it and be reminded of the Shrine, but I was afraid of getting it dirty because the house where we lived had a lot of dust outside from the cars driving by. And, I felt that this doll was “special” but I didn’t know at that time how much. I didn’t want to get it dirty or messed up so I kept it in that box. One beautiful day outside, I decided to visit the Shrine, and at the door was the caretaker. She opened the door and I had asked her does the Shrine ever take any kinds of presents, or donations? If someone wanted to donate something? And, she said why, yes, and I said well I’ll be back in about 20 or 30 minutes or so because I have a doll I want you to see. So, I rushed home and back with my little “Angel Love” in the box. I took the doll out of the box and handed it to her and she said to me this doll will save many babies’ lives. Then, I took the doll back and kissed it goodbye. You see, I really loved that doll. It was special. Then she just happened to have a basket to put the doll in. And, Angel Love had a new home at the front of the Shrine where all could see.

Now, I hadn’t been to the Shrine for a long time and made a trip there when they were having a special gathering. There was my little “Angel Love”, and yes, I still do pick up the doll and give it a kiss. I just can’t help myself. But, on this particular day the caretaker came up to me and she said to me you know that little doll that you got? And, I said yes, She said to me well there was a young girl here that was going to have an abortion and she picked “Angel Love” up and the doll’s head fell on her shoulder and right then and there she decided that she couldn’t have an abortion. Yes, “Angel Love” saved a little baby’s life, and I don’t know how many after that. You see when you are having a little baby you can’t see, hear, touch, or feel the baby because it’s inside of you, but once the baby is born that’s a different story. You see that little baby is a part of you. That’s right and the most important part of that baby is that a little baby is a “Gift” from God to us. Now, for those of you who have already had an abortion that might have been the right choice for you at the time to make as we all are given free choice by God, but if you are presently thinking about having an abortion think twice and then some. Again, it’s your choice to make, but chose wisely.

I also wanted to add that sometime after that, I had driven past an abortion clinic and I had this overwhelmingly feeling of just wanting to go over there and pick up all those little ones that were gone from this earth and take them home with me. All I could think of was that this was the holy spirit showing me just how precious these little ones are.

So, again think twice, and I hope that you make the right decision for yourself, and your little “Angel Love”.