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Abortion. It is a common thing in America. But in conservative countries, it’s still a no-no, a taboo, an abomination. This hostile reaction on abortion is especially true in countries like the Philippines, where Christian faith and century-long values dominate the people.

Actually, heated debates and arguments regarding the country’s proposed Republic Health Bill are ongoing while you are reading. The people are divided into pros and antis of the said bill. The major factor why the antis are against the bill is that they believe it’s going to legalize abortion in the country. It actually gets better. If you want to know more about the issue, just Google RH Bill Philippines.

The Philippines is just an example. There are also other countries that have grounded, conservative values. Does this make them close-minded? I don’t think so. They have their values, and these values are the kind that have been imprinted in the nation’s blood for centuries. Concepts like abortion are still foreign to them. And most of the time, it offends them.

Is abortion really that bad an idea? I mean, is it possible to introduce this concept to these conservative countries? If accepted by a few and was allowed a niche, will the majority eventually accept it? That is also what happened to America, right? Well, even now, abortion is still not fully accepted by the American society. It’s a viable option, but many others would still prefer other methods like adoption over abortion.

We can’t deny the fact that this is a very difficult option to choose, especially if you have a very strong moral upbringing. Abortion has been a controversial issue from the time it was introduced to this day, where it has already been used countless of times by countless of women and doctors.

Will there come a day when abortion is completely accepted by the societies of the world? For me, that day is bleak. In every society in every period, there will really be people who will consider this option as murder. We can’t accuse them of being closed-minded either because they are just clinging to their beliefs and their concepts of what is wrong and what is right. That is their opinion. And if your opinion is that there is nothing wrong with abortion, it is not wise to shove it down people’s throats. The same goes to the conservatives.

I believe it all boils down to respect. Those who favor abortion can respect the beliefs and values of those against it. And the conservatives can also respect the fact that people are innovating ways to make life a lot easier for some people. Some people who have no choice but to choose abortion, whatever their reasons may be. We have the right to choose what we want to believe. But it doesn’t mean that we also have the right to demand that others believe it too. They must enjoy the same rights you have. And if that’s the case, don’t they have the right to choose what they want to believe in as well. Respect is there for us to use. Heed it and take it to heart.