Abortion has been a topic of debate for several years. In early 1800′s many laws were being formulated to make abortion an illegal act. Over the years, abortion laws saw drastic changes and eventually became a legal process with the purpose of protecting the health of women and giving them the rights to abort at their will. In 1973, a legal Abortion Law was passed and made to follow in all states of USA. Like all laws, the law of abortion has also evolved with time. Although it has benefited many, it continues to raise sensitive questions regarding certain other areas related to abortion. Some such questions are discussed below.

Q. At what age can abortion be done legally in New York?

In New York, the age of 17 is considered legal to have an abortion. At this age, individuals can abort without their parents’ consent.

Q. In a situation where a 16 year old is pregnant and refuses to do an abortion, do the parents bear all the medical costs?

Yes, since the 16 year old child is a minor, the adult parents are usually expected to take the entire responsibility and pay for all medical expenses. They are to provide not just parental care to the minor who is pregnant but also ensure that all prenatal, labor and post delivery expenses are paid for.

Q. If a 16 year old is pregnant, can she be forced to have an abortion by her mother?

No, parents are not allowed to force their minor to do an abortion. They cannot force the minor to give their child up for adoption also. However in certain exceptional situations where the minor’s life is threatened because of the pregnancy or the minor is declared incapable of raising the new born or taking important decisions on their own, the adult parent is allowed to intervene. In many states, once a child is pregnant, she is considered to be an adult and is granted all the decision making rights.

Q. What is the legal age for consent in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the legal age for consent is 16 years. Even if one of the parties is under age, it is termed as statutory rape; no matter what the age of the other party involved may be. But laws of abortion and legal consent are different in different states.

Q. What options are available to those parents whose children don’t want to have an abortion?

A parent conventionally cannot force their child to get an abortion done. Abortion is an alternative procedure and hence, some states have made parental consent and notification compulsory when it comes to abortion in minors. However, if the minor does not want to have an abortion, the parents cannot force the minor to have one.

Abortions occur because of many different reasons such as incest, rape, teenage pregnancy, medical emergency etc. Thus, abortion laws can vary depending on the reason of abortion. Legal help is available depending on the situation and the law that is applied in your state.