We are here today because God and our mothers made it so. If our mothers had chosen to abort us we simply would have been murdered.

I know of two women who are in their 50′s today, who had an abortion when they were young. Now they both live with the regret, as a nightmare of guilt. I hear testimonies of many other women who are horribly sorry for ever having had an abortion.

For one human to take another human’s life is murder. Life begins at conception, and if you would watch the baby from conception to full development in the womb, you will see that it is a living human being.

I had three children, and from the time I became pregnant through the nine months, I knew there was a baby developing inside of me. A human being! Life is so precious, and abortionists want to make it seem as if it is not worth anything. Many people are trying to have babies and can’t. They would be so glad to take an unwanted child and raise it in a loving home. They would even pay the expenses and help these mothers carrying these innocent babies.

I know of women who have had miscarriages very early in pregnancy who are devastated. They are crushed by this happening. To think that other people want to abort babies.

Morality used to mean a lot to our society. Now society have become somewhat desensitized to the idea that it is a crime to kill an unborn child. Hitler killed all of the innocent Jewish people that he could find, a holocaust! Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults to middle aged people. All the way to the elderly, he did not have regard for human life and it’s value. Abortion is as bad as what he did.

A society that has legalized abortion, is in danger of going many steps further to murder it’s own people. It is a dangerous time that we live in, when we murder unborn citizens.

Murder is, and always has been the killing of another human being without just cause. It is a dark society who sees it as otherwise, or turns their head the other way and puts the very idea out of their mind.

Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy, the Bible says. God is the giver of life, and gives it more abundantly.

Who do you serve?

Will you stand once again for the innocent unborn children of America?

I have four grand babies now, and their births have made me even more aware of this atrocity of abortion in our nation. Babies are the most wonderful gift we have in our world.

A baby is a miracle, a person, a gift from God. They are born to make sure we carry on as a family, society, and nation.

Please vote against abortion and all of those who are for it.